Interstate Lives

by The May North

Released 10/20/2012
Released 10/20/2012
Original Minnesota folkgrass band The May North released their second new album of 2012, raising the roof on traditional bluegrass and folk music with the band’s strongest musical statement to date.
"Growing up in the North Country ingrains a different way of thinking from someone who was raised in the city. On their second album, The May North set to capture the restless spirit that roams the North Country and interpret it into their music. Interstate Lives is curiously exposed, living in both the past and present. It stretches over decades of music, bringing together bits and pieces of lives that dwell within those songs." - Youa Vang, City Pages, October 19th, 2012

The album Interstate Lives kicks off with the title track, Interstate Lives, a rollicking, hometowny tune which fronts the old-time sound Stephanie grew up playing on the fiddle and the racing emotions of an actual all-out cross-country road trip through the night. The warm yet cold I’m Gone finds the band still searching but running at the same time. Further on, Mission by the Bay evokes the personal contemplation amiss in chasing your dreams, yet leaving your home behind. “You told me I’d say… that downtown isn’t far enough away… for me to see the stars out, and now the rain. Still I’m bent, but not broken..” Next, the band drives hard through songs like Fell Too Hard, Maybe You're the Highway, and Change My Ways to relax and re-energize in Take Your Chances. After a tribute to the victims of senseless violence in Trigger Solution, Loved Her Well is a sweet and soothing tonic; a musical valentine left behind on a doorstep for the one you used to love. The band closes with the lullaby As You Lie There, wrapping their arms around a friend after the twilight hours of her father’s life.

Recorded at the Hideaway Studios, Minneapolis
Engineered and Mixed by Nick Mundth
Mastered by Joe Mabbott
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